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  • 47th Biennial Convention is Now Finished!

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    Linda Trader and I attended the Sigma Biennial Convention in San Antonio and guess what? It was in the 50s and rained most of the time we were there! Linda, our Psi at Large Chapter Secretary from 2020-2022 and current counselor at large and for Saint Martin University, experienced the conference as a first-timer.

    Most sessions were excellent. Sigma President Ken Dion gave the opening plenary; he expanded and gave suggestions on how nurses can be bold. The organization is moving to a call to action, not a “president’s call” since we are all Sigma. My big take away from Ken Dion was we must network with professionals outside of nursing, such as networking with engineers, financial specialists, ecologists, and other scientists more than we have in the past to expand our impact on the world. How will you intentionally do this?

    New President, Dr. Sandra Bibb, set out a new organizational call to action as one word. REPRESENT. She encourages us to REPRESENT-- to set a model for change. To 1). Reflect, 2.) Respect, and 3). Respond as professional nurses- to develop nurse leaders anywhere to improve healthcare everywhere.  We can continue discussing why, how, and what we want Psi at Large to focus on with that one word as our theme in “Discussions”.

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  • Research Event was fun and inspiring!

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    Psi at Large's first hybrid event worked well. On a very, rainy Saturday morning, the group gathered in Building 7 at Olympic College and by a zoom connection.  People in "Zoomland" actively participated- asking questions and even playing a jeopardy game with us. Members left energized after hearing a broad variety of topics. Topics varied from Implementation Science, experiences of gay and bisexual Latinx men living with HIV in the PNW, relationship of CRP levels with mental heath issues, such as depression or anxiety, and the risk  perception people have of immunizations.  

    Thank you to Dr. Frances Chu RN, Chris Tersigni MSN, RN, Drs. Jodi Erickson, and Sarah An McFadden, RNs, and Dr. Chiyoung Lee, RN for sharing their research and inspiring us! 

    Topics provided a rich discussion, refreshing the group on the steps  completing a research project entails.  Each one of our presenters obviously love their research topic!  Presentations easily could be applied to our daily lives.   

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  • We won Another Key Award!

    pciture of the Sigma Key Award

    The Key award is recognition for the quality of the chapter experience, covering different areas of nursing: knowledge, service, leadership and communication and how the chpater demonstrates and supports its members. You should be very proud; please share this information with everyone.

    In the knowledge area, Psi at Large is planning a Research event on November 4th at Olympic College in Bremerton from 8 am-1:30 pm. The event will be hybrid with both face to face and an internet option.  See  the flyer and also information and registration under "Events" on this page. 


    The board held a productive retreat and transition of board members at Pacific Lutheran University on June 24. Thanks to PLU counselor Jodi Erickson for coordinating this event. The board is happy to share their knowledge of all aspects of board membership with members.  Getting nurses on boards is one of the Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health Report (2010) intentions. The report emphasizes every nurse should be groomed to become a leader.  Now is the right time for YOU to get involved with this lively group.  We welcome new members and will start you with assisting, not being the sole person responsible for a position. This photo was taken at the end of the day.  


    Back left to right:  Anne Mulligan, Pam George, Linda Trader, Erika Busz, Chris Henshaw, Jodi Erickson,

    Front:  Leigh Kalaman, Suzy Cook, Vicki Hayward, and Adrian Brown

    Absent from the photo:  Anne Poppe and Beth Gill

  • New Sigma member inductions

    Spring is such a rewarding, renewing time!   New member inductions are done now with many, many bright, creative, and energetic members from our schools plus some wonderful community leaders.  We are doing virtual meet and greets periodically through the year.  If you‘ve missed one or have a suggestion on a different way to meet and get new members involved, please contact anyone on our  board.  Below are a few pictures of our inductions. 

    new members
    new members with faculty counselors
    new members
    new members
    Also, Saint Martin's University and UW Seattle had inductions, but unfortunately, no picture is available.  Please encourage their growth in our professional organization!
  • Newly Elected Psi-at-Large Leadership

    The results of the 2023 election were announced at the Annual Meeting on April 29th. Please join the Leadership Succession Committee in welcoming and thanking the following new and continuing leaders for their service to the chapter.

    President: Anne Mulligan
    President: Anne Mulligan

    Secretary: Leigh Kalaman
    Secretary: Leigh Kalaman

    Treasurer: Pam George
    Treasurer: Pam George

    Leadership Succession: Pamela Barrington
    Leadership Succession: Pamela Barrington
  • Global Health Confernece and Annual Meeting April 29


    With May being Nurse’s Month, time got away from me, but the Chapter Annual Meeting and Global Health conference was enlightening and fun.  On April 29, our chapter met for morning presentations at  University of Washington Tacoma.  On one of our rare warm spring days, Dr. Carrie Ann Matyac, with Daneille de la Pena MN, RN, and Jess Herklotz, a  BSN student,  presented Social Disparities of Health in Oaxaca, Mexico.

    Dr. Christine Stevens presented study findings on Creating a Sense of Belonging through Food Justice- a study of university students and food insecurity. 

    Student presentations were St. Martin’s University Students Erica Moddy, Kristal Lim, Taylor Lee, and Grace Tabil who presented their fieldwork experience with the Olympic Free Clinic and Homeless Camps in Olympia.  Jocelyn Baergen, a Northwest University student, presented her fieldwork experience in Greece.  The event covered many aspects of what is meant by global health.

    Andrea Joy-Morris MN, RN , and Carrie Ann Matyac DNP, ARNP, FNP were the winners of the drawing for participating in the annual membership survey.  Both members received $50.00 gift cards.

    slideHappy Nurses Month!  Anne

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